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PostSubject: THE ULTIMATE TTA BINDS.   Sun Jun 21, 2009 10:01 am

//        ____  ____  _ _  _    _    ___ ______  __
//  ___ |  _ \|  _ \/ | \ | |  / \  |_ _|  _ \ \ / /
//  / _ \| |_) | | | | |  \| | / _ \  | || |_) \ V /
// | (_) |  _ <| |_| | | |\  |/ ___ \ | ||  _ < | |
//  \___/|_| \_\____/|_|_| \_/_/  \_\___|_| \_\|_|

//Made by oRD1NAIRY.
//For Trained Tactical Alliance.
//Contains: Server IP binds, Rule binds.
//Problems: xfire :xdftw

set ttatj1 "say ^h>^7Welcome To ^h|^7TTA^h|^7TrickJump! IP: ^?^h<; set tjs vstr ttatj2
set ttatj2 "say ^h>^7Want To Join? Visit ^?^h ^7Or Ask An Recruiter^h<; set tjs vstr ttatj1

set tjs "vstr ttatj1"
bind s vstr tjs

set ttafrag1 "say ^i>^7Welcome To ^i|^7TTA^i|^9F^*r^9a^*g^9A^*r^9e^*a^i<^7! Our IP: ^?^i<  ; set frag vstr ttafrag2
set ttafrag2 "say ^i>^7Want To Join? Visit ^? ^7Or Ask An Recruiter^i< ; set frag vstr ttafrag1

set frag "vstr ttafrag1"
bind d vstr frag

set ttafragrule1 "say ^i>^i|^7TTA^i|^9F^*r^9a^*g^9A^*r^9e^*a^i ^7RULES^i< ; set ttarulez vstr ttafragrule2"
set ttafragrule2 "say ^i>^7No Disrespecting/Insulting Behavior^i< ; set ttarulez vstr ttafragrule3"
set ttafragrule3 "say ^i>^7No Trickjumping/Walljumping^i< ; set ttarulez vstr ttafragrule4"
set ttafragrule4 "say ^i>^7No Spawnkilling Whit Heavy Weapons (Soldat)^i< ; set ttarulez vstr ttafragrule5"
set ttafragrule5 "say ^i>^7Any Kind Of Spamming Is Not Allowed^i< ; set ttarulez vstr ttafragrule6"
set ttafragrule6 "say ^i>^7No Discrimination^i< ; set ttarulez vstr ttafragrule1"

set ttarulez "vstr ttafragrule1"
bind f vstr ttarulez

set ttatjrule1 "say ^h>^h|^7TTA^h| ^7Trickjump ^7RULES^h< ; set ttaruled vstr ttatjrule2"
set ttatjrule2 "say ^h>^7No Disrespecting/Insulting Behavior^h< ; set ttaruled vstr ttatjrule3"
set ttatjrule3 "say ^h>^7No Pushing^h< ; set ttaruled vstr ttatjrule4"
set ttatjrule4 "say ^h>^7No Shooting/Nading, Or Any Kind That Bothers Someone While TJing^h< ; set ttaruled vstr ttatjrule5"
set ttatjrule5 "say ^h>^7Any Kind Of Spamming Is Not Allowed^h< ; set ttaruled vstr ttatjrule6"
set ttatjrule6 "say ^h>^7No Discrimination^h< ; set ttaruled vstr ttatjrule1"

set ttaruled "vstr ttatjrule1"
bind g vstr ttaruled

//script end.

Finnaly its here!
Our ultimate TTA server binds and rule binds.
I made these all my selves so im damn proud on it.
If u think this is not fully, contact me plz.
xfire: xdftw

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