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 Some Binds.

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Join date : 2009-06-19

PostSubject: Some Binds.   Sat Jun 20, 2009 1:52 pm

set naam "vstr hallo"

set hallo vstr negative1; set inno vstr affirmative1; set square vstr cheer1; set hond vstr hi1; set waf vstr greatshot1; set joel vstr thanks1; set uhu vstr welcome1; set doei vstr bye1"

bind d vstr "hallo"

set hallo "vstr Negative1"

set Negative1 "vsay Negative ^?#^0No^?^^7; set hallo vstr Negative2"
set Negative2 "vsay Negative ^?#^0No^?^^7; set hallo vstr Negative3"
set Negative3 "vsay Negative ^?#^0No^?^^7; set hallo vstr Negative4"
set Negative4 "vsay Negative ^?#^0No^?^^7; set hallo vstr Negative5"
set Negative5 "vsay Negative ^?#^0No^?^^7; set hallo vstr Negative6"
set Negative6 "vsay Negative ^?#^0No^?^^7; set hallo vstr Negative1"

bind s vstr "inno"

set inno "vstr affirmative1"

set affirmative1 "vsay affirmative ^?#^0Yes^?^^7 ; set inno vstr affirmative2"
set affirmative2 "vsay affirmative ^?#^0Si^?^^7 ; set inno vstr affirmative3"
set affirmative3 "vsay affirmative ^?#^0Ja^?^^7 ; set inno vstr affirmative4"
set affirmative4 "vsay affirmative ^?#^0Ofcourse^?^^7 ; set inno vstr affirmative5"
set affirmative5 "vsay affirmative ^?#^0Affirmative^?^^7 ; set inno vstr affirmative6"
set affirmative6 "vsay affirmative ^?#^0Oui^?^^7 ; set inno vstr affirmative1"

bind f vstr "square"

set square "vstr cheer1"

set cheer1 "vsay Cheer ^?#^0YeeHaaa^?^^7 ; set Square vstr cheer2"
set cheer2 "vsay Cheer ^?#^0Woohooo^?^^7 ; set Square vstr cheer3"
set cheer3 "vsay cheer ^?#^0I Rock^?^^7 ; set Square vstr cheer4"
set cheer4 "vsay cheer ^?#^0xDDDD^?^^7 ; set square vstr cheer5"
set cheer5 "vsay cheer ^?#^0W00000T^?^^7 ; set square vstr cheer6"
set cheer6 "vsay cheer ^?#^0WuawZers^?^^7 ; set square vstr cheer1"

bind h vstr "hond"

set hond "vstr hi1"

set hi1 "vsay hi ^?#^0Hello Mates^?^^7 ; set hond vstr hi2"
set hi2 "vsay hi ^?#^0HeyHo^?^^7 ; set hond vstr hi3"
set hi3 "vsay hi ^?#^0Whatup Dudes?^?^^7 ; set hond vstr hi4"
set hi4 "vsay hi ^?#^0Hows It Hanging?^?^^7 ; set hond vstr hi5"
set hi5 "vsay hi ^?#^0Yeeepz!^?^^7 ; set hond vstr hi6"
set hi6 "vsay hi ^?#^0Bonjorno^?^^7 ; set hond vstr hi1"

bind g vstr "waf"

set waf "vstr greatshot1"

set greatshot1 "vsay greatshot ^?#^0Naaaaaice Dudez0r^?^^7; set waf vstr greatshot2"
set greatshot2 "vsay greatshot ^?#^0Great Owning Work^?^^7; set waf vstr greatshot3"
set greatshot3 "vsay greatshot ^?#^0Hmph, Skilled^?^^7 ; set waf vstr greatshot4"
set greatshot4 "vsay greatshot ^?#^0I Got Pwned?^?^^7 ; set waf vstr greatshot5"
set greatshot5 "vsay greatshot ^?#^0Oh, U Busted My Ass!^?^^7 ; set waf vstr greatshot6"
set greatshot6 "vsay greatshot ^?#^0Nice Man!^?^^7 ; set waf vstr greatshot1"

bind j vstr "joel"

set joel "vstr thanks1"

set thanks1 "vsay thanks ^?#^0Thanks Bro <3^?^^7; set joel vstr thanks2"
set thanks2 "vsay thanks ^?#^0Danke Sehr^?^^7; set joel vstr thanks3"
set thanks3 "vsay thanks ^?#^0Thank You^?^^7; set joel vstr thanks4"
set thanks4 "vsay thanks ^?#^0I Owe U One ;)^?^^7; set joel vstr thanks5"set thanks5 "vsay thanks ^?#^0Ur So Greatfull!^?^^7; set joel vstr thanks6"
set thanks6 "vsay thanks ^?#^0Just,, Thanks :D^?^^7; set joel vstr thanks1"

bind k vstr "uhu"

set uhu "vstr welcome1"

set welcome1 "vsay welcome ^?#^0No Problem Mate^?^^7; set uhu vstr welcome2"
set welcome2 "vsay welcome ^?#^0Np^?^^7; set uhu vstr welcome3"
set welcome3 "vsay welcome ^?#^0Bitte Sehr^?^^7; set uhu vstr welcome4"
set welcome4 "vsay welcome ^?#^0Always Here To Help^?^^7; set uhu vstr welcome5"
set welcome5 "vsay welcome ^?#^0Geen Probleem xD^?^^7; set uhu vstr welcome6"
set welcome6 "vsay welcome ^?#^0<3^?^^7; set uhu vstr welcome1"

bind n vstr "doei"

set doei "vstr bye1"

set bye1 "vsay bye ^?#^0I'm Outa Here, Peace Guyz<3^?^^7; set doei vstr bye2"
set bye2 "vsay bye ^?#^0Cyaaaa^?^^7; set doei vstr bye3"
set bye3 "vsay bye ^?#^0I’m Out, HF & GL^?^^7; set doei vstr bye4"
set bye4 "vsay bye ^?#^0Doeiii^?^^7; set doei vstr bye5"
set bye5 "vsay bye ^?#^0Au Revoir^?^^7; set doei vstr bye6"
set bye6 "vsay bye ^?#^0Had Fun Playing Whit U, Bye^?^^7; set doei vstr bye1"

6 Bind on one key from; Bye, Hi, Yes, No, Thanks, Noproblem and Greatshot.

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Some Binds.
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