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 FOV togler

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AAT Member

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PostSubject: FOV togler   Wed May 20, 2009 2:42 pm

here is FOV togler made by CHEF
vstr echosay

set fov1 "set cg_fov 90; echo ^1Current Fov ^5= ^190; set fovtoggledown vstr fov2;set fovtoggleup vstr fov4"

set fov2 "set cg_fov 100; echo ^1Current Fov ^5= ^1100; set fovtoggledown vstr fov3;set fovtoggleup vstr fov1"

set fov3 "set cg_fov 110; echo ^1Current Fov ^5= ^1110; set fov_toggledownvstr fov4;set fovtoggleup vstr fov2"

set fov4 "set cg_fov 1200; echo ^1Current Fov ^5= ^1120; set fovtoggledown vstr fov1;set fovtoggleup vstr fov3"

set fovtoggledown "vstr fov1"

set fovtoggleup "vstr fov1"

bind ? "vstr fovtoggledown"

bind ! "vstr fovtoggleup"

Go to your etmain folder.
Make a notepad file.
Copy paste the script to the file.
change ? to key u want to decrease fov
and change ! to key that u want to increase fov
Save it as a .cfg file.
And your done.
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FOV togler
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