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 Chefs AFK script :P

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AAT Member

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PostSubject: Chefs AFK script :P   Wed May 20, 2009 2:15 pm

hey all this is Chefs AFK script i founded it on

here it is
//AFK-Script, Made by Chef
vstr echosay
set afk1 "team s; set name NameAFK; set nextstatus vstr afk2; Echo Current Status: ^1AFK^5:(; say ^1AFK^5:("
set afk2 "set name NameBack; set nextstatus vstr afk1; Echo Current Status: ^1Back^5:); say ^1Back^5:)"
set nextstatus "vstr afk1"
bind * "vstr nextstatus"

Go to your etmain folder.
Make a notepad file.
Copy paste the script to the file.
Change NameAFK to the name you want to use when your AFK.
Change NameBack to the name you want to use when you get back.
Save it as a .cfg file.
And your done.

Hit the * key on your numpad once and you will go into AFK mode.
Meaning it will;
-Automaticaly put you to spectator.
-Change your name.
-Echo a message
-Say a message
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Chefs AFK script :P
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